Swipe. I still feel.

Swipe. I’m crying.

Swipe. I don’t want these anymore.


Breathe. The sun gets up, so can I.

Breathe. Trembling hands clench.

Breathe. Release.


Two opposing forces trying to do the same thing.

Clarity isn’t in focus, but sound reaches my ears.

“Not Alone” permeates my mind and I sigh.


Red shows me the way.

What can I say, but

Thank you.


By: Erin Winans

I find solace in Christian rock music, but I’m not religious myself. I find comfort in their lyrics that are filled with heavy connotations, but it doesn’t mean I have to be in line with their fate. That’s the beauty of music. It’s ability to make us feel and find comfort, even in places unexpected is wonderful.

I’ll add a video if you want to check out Red! I highly recommend them.


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