Of Letting Go

With Tiny House dreams,

it means I’ll have to find a new home for my books.

Pages that entranced me from start to finish,

sitting idly on the shelves in my room.

It might be time to relinquish my hold,

a vice-grip trembling with the idea of them being gone.

Let me have one more time to go on the journey…

But time it will take to do so.

Want as I might,

they should be free to grace someone else’s book shelf.

They will see a new room and enchant new eyes.

Will two faces make the same response?

Will you cry when I cried? Or will you think it was deserved?

Do you feel your body cringe and freeze,

as you know an embarrassing part is coming up?

All I know, is that it is your turn.

Your turn to be lost in the words of stories that captured my mind.

How many times will you read this book?

As many as I?

As long as they’re cherished,

all will be okay.

I can let them go.

Time for a new host…

Time for the books to see the face of someone new reading their words…

A first-time reaction as opposed to a fifth, that was just as engaged.

Farewell my friends… time to make new ones

By: Erin Marie Winans

I have trouble letting go of books most of the time and I yearn to read them again before I do so, but I know that would take too much time. Know that someone else has the opportunity to read them makes it worth it. 🙂


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