Freckles of a Past Life


On my right forearm,

I have the mark of an animal.

Two dots and a base shaped like an imprint.


This could be one of two legs or one of four.

It’s not clear, but my heart confirms the essence.


Every action made with my right hand

Holds the weight of a different time period;

A foreign circumstance.


Maybe the reason why my right side feels lighter

Is because I was a bird

remembering what it was like to be in the air.

A weightlessness that comes from recalling how to fly.


Or, a woodland creature that knows

How to be light on their feet.

The calm nature is accompanied by

A cautious feeling that propels them through obstacles.


Not human, but still alive.

Not of the ocean, but land.


What mark will be left of me in my next life?


By: Erin Winans

P.S. I would love feedback y’all! I’m so happy that I started this blog because it makes me write poetry whereas before, I had ideas, but never pursued them.


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